Cluster One Media is a small Atlanta Web Design company with an emphasis on personal client relationships.  We cater primarily to small and medium size businesses, specializing in services such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Graphic Design.  We can help you identify your goals for using the Internet as a place to market your products and services and then help you implement a strategy to achieve those goals.

Why Cluster One Media?

Cluster One Media was founded upon three defining principles:

  1. The idea that a client relationship should be more than us providing a service for you, and you writing a check. At the end of the day, business is about people. You’re not a faceless number to us and we want you to know that. We enjoy getting to know our clients and encourage them to feel comfortable “letting their hair down” with us. We aim to make the design process fun and will frequently add a funny surprise into demo sites or design mockups just to keep things lively and fun. Ultimately, the most rewarding projects for us are not those with the highest paychecks, rather, it’s the ones where at the end of the day the client tells us how happy they are with the results and tells us that we made the process fun.
  2. That the quality of our work speak for itself. Regardless of whether it’s a simple logo design or a complex, multifaceted web design project, we give 100% of our effort to every client, every project. Our goal is not simply to finish as many projects as quickly as possible to get paid. Our goal is that you absolutely love your finished product. That’s why, even though we may lose money on a project from time to time, we don’t limit revisions for design work. If you’re not happy, we simply keep working. In the end, we believe the quality of our work speaks for itself.
  3. That we provide a value not available at larger marketing companies. Cluster One Media is as modern as it gets. In the age of the Internet, we believe business no longer needs to mean two stuffy old guys sitting across a boardroom table shaking hands and exchanging fake laughs. We’re a virtual company, meaning we work from home offices and collaborate online. This makes us more efficient, eliminates office politics, and reduces overhead. We’re not paying for a fancy Buckhead office so our fees reflect that. We provide the same (or better) product that larger companies provide, with far more personalized service and lower fees. With our clients’ raves and constant referrals, we think we’re on to something.

Our clients

At Cluster One Media, client experience is paramount.  We were founded to provide a quality alternative to large, expensive, and (to put it kindly) impersonal marketing and web design companies. It is our belief that big business has become too impersonal and we aim to make every client relationship a special one.  We work primarily with small and medium size businesses, though we certainly have a multinational corporation or two that call us when they need work done. We work with our clients to develop Internet Marketing strategies that are tailored to their individual needs and budgets.

What does “cluster one” mean?

Like any good business name, Cluster One Media references an obscure Pink Floyd song. “Cluster One” is the instrumental first track off of their album “The Division Bell.”