WordPress Theme Design

Atlanta WordPress Theme DesignWe are experts in WordPress Theme Design with a countless WordPress websites under our belts. Also referred to as “WordPress Templates,” WordPress themes are a mixture between graphical elements, CSS and PHP that come together to provide the basis for a website. Because there are so many parts that make up the whole, there are some basic criteria you should look for when choosing a WordPress theme designer. Here’s what sets us apart from other companies and individuals offering WordPress theme design.

Theme Design Style

If you’ve not already been over to our web design portfolio, now is the perfect time. We design WordPress themes to be clean, professional and easily navigable. We take a detailed survey of your individual wants and needs and use your feedback to create a theme to best bring to life your vision and create a website that is aimed squarely at accomplishing your goals. We’ll match the the aesthetics to any style you desire and add in our expertise on human eye movement patterns and website conversion to create a design that not only looks great, but performs great as well.

WordPress Theme Coding

While there are many options for WordPress theme coding, you don’t want to hire just anyone off the street to code your theme. A WordPress theme is made up of several parts, and if any of them are not coded well, the site will ultimately suffer as a result. While we may look at a website and think that all the code for that page is created in one file, that’s not the case with content management systems like WordPress, where any given page template is a mixture between dozens of “under the hood” files. Because we are also an SEO company, we take great measures to ensure that our WordPress themes are not only coded cleanly and are cross browser compatible, but that they also adhere to best SEO practices. And because we are an Atlanta WordPress designer, we do not outsource to India or other foreign countries where we can cheap labor. We provide our own expertise and hard work and stand behind our products for our clients, who are all across the U.S. and Canada.

An Experienced Atlanta WordPress Designer

We began as a WordPress designer in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. There is no other platform that provides such incredible flexibility for content management while also remaining so user friendly that we can allow clients to run their own websites. We have implemented a wide range of features, from beautiful galleries and portfolios to display client work to full ecommerce integration, complex databases, and musician gig management. We love WorPress and its flexibility. If you’d like to read more about the platform and why we use it, check out our WordPress Web Design page.

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