Half Off Search Engine Optimization Analysis!

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Do you know the small yet extremely common title tag error that causes a 9% drop in click through rate? We do.

For a limited time receive half off our in-depth Search Engine Optimization analysis. Even at full price our SEO analysis provides an outstanding value as it provides you with a detailed list of your site’s weaknesses and actionable information on what you need to do, on page and off page, to attain top search engine rankings.

Included in every search engine optimization analysis:

  • Detailed breakdown of your website’s strengths and weaknesses: We’ll identify everything your site is doing right and wrong, and make our recommendations for fixing any holes that are bleeding you of SEO authority.  We make it a point to explain any problem areas in plain English, as we don’t expect you to get behind our recommendations if you don’t understand why we’re making them!
  • Search market analysis: We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your search market.  Are you up against colossal competition? Is your market ripe for the picking? Where do you stand right now?
  • Actionable recommendations: Once we’ve got an idea of your site’s strength’s and weaknesses as well as an idea of your search market landscape, we’ll make our recommendations for what needs to be done to get you to the top of the search engine results pages.

You can use this information regardless of whether or not you choose to move forward with our SEO services.

We obviously hope that once you see the effort and care that we put into a preliminary analysis that you’ll choose to move forward with our search engine optimization services, but if you have someone in-house who’s familiar with SEO, our analysis will, without a doubt, provide enough solid information to point you in the right direction and take action.

Our SEO analysis is already aggressively priced at $398, but for a limited time we’re offering all of our care and attention for just half of that. Just mention this promotion to receive the discount.  We know it will be the best $199 you will ever spend on your business.   Frankly, if you can’t find $199 of value in our report we’ll refund your money, no questions asked, if nothing else so that you can have your head checked.

This is a great offer that we hope you’ll take us up on!


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